3D Color with Kondor

This week I caught up with Kondor for a quick phone interview about his upcoming 3-D cut and color workshop in Baltimore

Kondor, a native of Camden New Jersey decided to attend a local vocational school right after graduating high school and has been licensed for 13 years. The motivation to attend beauty school came from years of accompanying his mom to the salon and seeing how happy the clients looked after the stylist would transform them. Kondor says “stylist always seemed to be fashionable and free to express their creativity”. Kondor was mentored by a close family friend and stylist Robert Jones. His desire to have a lifestyle similar to his mom’s stylist and the encouragement of his mentor Robert prompted him to quit his customer service job and pursue his true passion; being a hair designer. Hair is my heart: whew, you’re a hard man to catch up with. Thanks for taking out the time to do this interview. Kondor: Haaa, thank you! Yea, I’ve been so busy lately, but I was not leaving this desk today until I returned all emails. Hair is my heart: Right, I just saw your FB status update saying you finally tackled your inbox. Hair is my heart: Who are some of your favorite stylist in the business? Kondor: There are so many, but I really like Oscar James, Robert Cromeans, Tabitha Hair is my heart: Robert is one of my absolute favorites Hair is my heart: How did you come up with the 3-D color concept?

Kondor: The basic highlight lowlight concept was getting old. I wanted something a bit different, more colors for more of a pop. The use of the 3 distinct colors as well as placement will give your work a more polished finish. Hair is my heart: Explain the “CHI” cut? Kondor: It’s basically the use of ceramic mechanical shears to cut the hair. It gives a totally different texture than you would get using regular cutting shears. Hair is my heart: What would you say is your signature style? Kondor: I’m known for bouncy layered cuts, and the side swept bang bob with highlights. I really love shiny healthy hair, so that’s always my goal. Hair is my heart: Has the economy impacted your business in any way? Kondor: For a while it didn’t, but it is beginning to. I just started utilizing the social networks such as facebook to promote my self. That has helped tremendously!! I have gained a lot of new clients from just posting pictures of my work. Hair is my heart: Social media is where it’s at. It’s so important to have a online presence. Kondor: I agree and you can’t beat FREE! Hair is my heart: What’s next for Kondor? Kondor: I just recently did my Foreplay look n learn class for the 3-D technique and now I’m preparing for the hands on version in Baltimore. I will also be in the Hair Oscars here in Jersey next month. Hair is my heart: Sounds like a really full schedule. I’m so excited about the class, can’t wait to meet with you in person. Thanks again for your time. To get more information or to register for the upcoming hands on workshop with kondor go to http://3dcutncolor.eventbrite.com/ Find Kondor on facebook at www.facebook.com/kondorrodnok Website: www.maneleecourture.com

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