During the winter months the cold air tends to make the hair dull flat and dry. You don’t have any control over the constant changes in the forecast ; however, there are precautionary measures that you can take to ensure that your hair stays healthy, moist and full of body!


We all want to stay warm while remaining cute and fashionable but be MINDFUL of the material that your outerwear is made of. Be on the lookout for wool,tweed,fleece, and fur jackets,scarves and hats. The friction that is produced when they come in contact with your hair can cause your hair to dry out and break off . The solution is simple, avoid potential breakage by lining your coats and hats with a silk or satin scarf like this beautiful printed design.


The colder air will cause the cuticle of the hair to be a bit rough and is therefore more susceptible to dryness and static. when this occurs your tresses are screaming for hydration. Look for shampoos that are creamy and have plenty of natural moisturizers. One product i recommend is MIZANI’s Moisturfusion Milk Bath, it contains avocado, almond, and coconut oils that instantly replenishes hair’s moisture and makes it silky to the touch. After a relaxing shampoo condition with Moisturfusion Silk Cream conditioner and let sit for 3-5 min. For deeper penetration apply conditioner and use a plastic cap under the dryer for about 20 min once every few weeks.


The less heat you use from blowdryers flatirons or hot curling irons the better your hair will be. Consistent use of these hot tools will dry your hair out over time and eventually lead to excessive shedding, split ends and ultimately breakage. instead try flex sets,curl formers or bantu knots and braid outs to ad texture. Wet styling gives your hair a much needed break from the daily routine of heat styling and is alot healthier than other alternatives. The right set for your hair type will provide your hair with long lasting body


The next best thing is to ALWAYS remember to use a leave in as well as a heat protectant when styling, especially if your hair is chemically treated. The protectant acts as a buffer or sheild between your hair andthe heat source while smoothing the cuticle and adding shine

I encourage you to leave any comments or questions


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