5 products to promote growth

What’s happening beauties?

I’m sitting at my computer thinking of what to write. can you guess what the number one question I get asked time and time again is? No! well let me tell you everyone always wants to know how can they get their hair to grow, what is a good hair regimen and what products are best. Today i’ll share the top 5 types of products that promote healthy hair growth.

Before i begin let me lay a disclaimer and say that NO one product alone is going to magically cause your hair to grow 10 inches over night. A well balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, using great products will over time help you to get those inches. Consistency is key,! You can not utilize one thing for a week and think that will be enough to see results.

One thing that i’m sure most of you have heard of are protein treatments. Protein is 90% of what our hair is made of, more specifically the hair protein is called keratin. The job that protein treatments do is to rebuild the integrity of the hair strand. A protein treatment will fill in the gaps on the hair strand. It can help to make the tresses stronger, stop shedding and breakage so you hair can grow fuller and longer.

There are two types of humectants, ones that draw and attract moisture to your strands to hydrate them. these are great for dull dry or brittle feeling hair and there are anti humectants that can repel water or moisture from seeping in so that you can fight a case of the frizzies.

Aloe vera is a humectant that has enzymes that help remove dead skin cells that can block follicles, helps to maintain hairs ph balance, reduce dandruff.

Coconut oil or milk helps prevent breakage, moisturize strands and aid in increased blood circulation.

Argan oil can strengthen weak hair,great source of vitamin E, easily penetrates thru hair to soften and help build elasticity,adds shine and calm frizziness​

One other solution i offer to my beauties for growing healthy hair is taking Biotin or the hair skin and nail vitamin supplements which contains Biotin in smaller doses. Benefits of biotin include increased elasticity(ability of hair to stretch and return without breaking) prevents dryness, strengthens hair,nails and promotes healthy skin.

I definitely advise this method when trying to get thinning hair and edges to return. There isnt a suggested dosage. Every body is different and therefore may react differently to dosages. I suggest taking the lower dosage first to see how it works for your body before trying a higher dosage. This is not something where you will see instant results. Take it daily for 60-90 days and measure results by seeing if hair has now grown longer,thicker,stronger and more moisturized than prior to using.

Have you tried any of these products on your hair? What has been working for you? Drop me a line and chime in on the conversation.

Happy hair growing beauties!

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